Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yukon Viking 1x24 Night Vision Goggles

The Yukon Viking 1x24 Night Vision Goggles are a nv bino that allows for awesomely clear viewing under the dark of night. These Yukon Night Vision include head gear accessories for a flip-up and down, adjustable and do not need the use of hands. The Yukon Night Vision Viking 1x24 provides crystal clear views in total darkness by using a built-in accessory infrared IR illuminating device. When used the illuminator gives off a pulsating frequency that is very energy efficient the IR saves battery life. The easy to use designed rubber body is incredibly light and can be taken on long trips both easily and comfortably, and is great for prolonged use with the head gear accessory. The Viking night vision uses the game changing Eclipse™ Lens Cover and Uncover System which flips up and down and takes away all lens cap problems. Small holes in the lens caps allow the Viking to be used in the daytime when the caps are closed.

These Night Vision features are:
Hands-free usage
Extra wide viewing area
Eclipse™ protective lens caps
Rubber protection
Dual eye clarity adjustments
Middle focusing
Weather resistant
Multi-coated optics
Built-in strong IR system infrared IR illuminator

Included Accessories:
Head gear
Neck strap
Protective holding case

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yukon Night Vision Goggles Viking

The Viking 2 times power by 24MM objective lens night vision Optics allow for incredibly clear viewing under the darkness of a sunless night. The Viking gives the user clear seeing in pitch black. When using a built-in infrared illuminator; in use the illuminator gives off a pulsating frequency that is energy efficient and uses less battery. The easy to use designed rubber body is very lightweight. The Youkon Viking 2 can be taken on trips both easily and comfortably. This Night Vision technology utilizes the revolutionary Eclipse™ FEATURES Small Light Eclipse lens covers Multi-coated optics Dual eye adjustments Central focus Built-in powerful Pulse™ IR system infrared illuminator
Neck strap carrying case